Oh, hello :)

Oh, hello :)

Why i do what i do:

I started my photography journey in December of 2018. At the time had been almost a year since my brother had unexpectedly passed away and I knew I needed a creative outlet to help my grieving process. What started as a way for me to express myself, ended up being a hobby that became my passion. The summer before my brother passed, we had family photos taken and they are the last photos I have with him. A photographer helped me preserve memories with my brother forever, and now I get to do the same for others! I love photography because it's a way to freeze time and capture those you love in the season you're in because you never know which breath will be your last.


Maddie + Sam

“Jolie is the perfect choice to capture life as it is in the moment. My husband and I had a photo shoot and got to include our dog. I was nervous because neither of us like taking pictures or feel like we are super photogenic but Jolie made the whole process so easy and fun and the pictures are STUNNING! I look at them so often because it captures the joy of our relationship so well. The turn around time was insanely fast too! If you want someone to perfectly capture your family, hire Jolie!”

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